Keri Jones has spent most of his radio career running radio stations in smaller towns. It makes sense. It’s easier to get a parking space. He’s best known for creating and hands-on managing the most successful small station in UK radio history. Radio Pembrokeshire launched to a 66% reach (RAJAR) and the station grew to achieve a 41% market share. Keri pioneered the use of technology in delivering content-rich, relevant and engaging local radio on a shoestring budget. After launching sister stations Radio Carmarthenshire and Scarlet FM both new services became market-leaders following their first Rajar.

Keri left the commercial radio sector for a 10-year role managing the award-winning community station, Radio Scilly. His innovative approach ensured that the not-for-profit service, reaching just 2,100 people, remained financially sound.

Keri’s radio management experience started in 1996 when he was appointed Managing Director of Valleys Radio in South Wales. Under his management, the AM station recorded an impressive 20% reach.

During his 30 year career he’s also managed a number of RSL short-term radio stations for licence applicant groups and consulted Tindle Radio, Town and Country Broadcasting, Forward Media and the University of Glamorgan. He’s presented on DevonAir, Leicester Sound, Trent FM, Viking, Pennine, SGR and BBCs Northampton, Humberside and Southern Counties. He also knows how to erase carts and reclaim 7-inch tape.

Today, Keri produces and presents a weekly travel programme, Great Destinations Radio Show.It is syndicated to 70 radio stations. He also voluntarily mentors some small community stations.

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